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Beautiful People: Evelynn Escobar, Founder of Hike Clerb (+ Mother-to-Be)

By Alyssa Shapiro, she/her

Motherhood. It’s the ability to hold and sustain life, to nourish and protect it, to offer a portal from another world to this one. It’s a term that encircles its arms around all kinds of mothers: those who give birth; those who ask someone else to carry for them; single mothers; adoptive mothers; foster mothers; those who come together to raise a new generation; those who have experienced deep loss; those sheltering even the tiniest inkling of new life.

This Mother’s Day, we’re sharing the story of a mother-to-be, Evelynn Escobar, who is the founder of Hike Clerb, an intersectional women’s hike club bringing community to the outdoors. She’s also a woman bringing new life into this world, and through that and her work, she reminds us of our connection to our collective mother: Earth.

Watch Evelynn in action below.

Editorial direction, writing, and interview by Alyssa Shapiro

Photography and cinematography by Alex Kenealy

Art direction by Kimmie Torgerson

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