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This Is Why Skin Density Matters for Overall Skin Health—Plus, How to Maintain It

When it comes to skincare, we often talk about the skin barrier or epidermis, the outermost layer of your skin. But there’s another layer to your skin, a bit deeper down, that’s perhaps less discussed yet equally crucial to maintaining overall skin health: the dermis. This inner layer is what comprises skin density.

Wake Up with a Glow with This Overnight Skincare Routine

During sleep, the whole body is repairing itself. Because the skin goes into a state of rejuvenation at night, you want to make sure you’re arming your skin with what it needs to repair itself while you sleep. And there’s a way to do this that’ll ensure you’ll wake up with a glow.

How Does Moringa Oil Benefit Your Skin?

The eye area is so sensitive and delicate that moringa oil’s cold-pressed, lightweight hydration—and its naturally-occurring minerals and vitamins—make it an ideal ingredient in the Superberry Dream Eye Cream.

Which Youth To The People Eye Cream is Right for You?

When presented with two great eye cream options, the choice between the two can feel daunting. The good news: either way, you’re golden. So which eye cream—the Superberry Dream Eye Cream or the Superfood Hydrate + Firm Eye Cream—is right for you?

How to Protect Your Eyes from Environmental Damage

It’s not that your daily moisturizer will harm your eyes, per se, but it won’t be able to provide the same benefits that a cream formulated solely for that region can, or be able to deliver the long term targeted help that your eyes deserve. The eyes specifically are at high risk of environmental damage.

What Is High-Tech Skincare?

High-tech means cutting edge—the most advanced in its field, and high-tech skincare has the ability to do more. Ingredients are our muse, and we’re continually inspired by the work of cosmetic scientists who advance the derivatives of traditional raw ingredients. 

Here’s Why Eye Cream Is Essential

Our under eye area skin is incredibly delicate and thinner than the skin on the rest of the face. This skin requires a formulation that can achieve proper results, but the use of a product meant for the rest of the face might cause irritation or congestion—it’s part of why eye cream is essential.

Collective Healing in Nature Starts with Access for All

Hike Clerb is an intersectional womxn’s hike club based in Los Angeles that empowers womxn of color to get outdoors through inclusive and accessible experiences. I’m proud to be a part of a community that is breaking down the barriers to access, not only the outdoors but our inherent right to healing in it.

Saturn Responds to the Youth Questionnaire

Welcome to Saturn’s orbit. Taking vocal inspiration from the likes of T-Boz, Brandy, and Britney Spears, Saturn gracefully embodies authenticity and strength.

Why Skincare Is Formulated Differently for the Eye Area

We’re all spending more time looking at screens, logging into virtual hangouts, and scrolling through social media. So, why don’t we spend a little more time looking after the eye region? The skin around our eyes is particularly delicate and could use some extra tender love and attention.

Meet The Muse: High-Tech Goji Stem Cell

With continued use of the Dream Eye Cream with its hero ingredient, Goji Stem Cell, fine lines around the eye area will appear smoother—even deeper lines will be visibly improved.

Yes—This Colored Glass IS Recyclable

Since glass is a permanent material—meaning it can be reused and recycled endlessly without a loss in quality—it’s an ideal solution for sustainable packaging, but it must be recycled properly.