New Courage

Monday, January 16


The late great Martin Luther King Jr. said, “We are often given new courage and vigor to carry on…”.

This year, more than ever, we need it.

Racism, sexism, and inequality of all stripes exist. Not just in a far-off land, but here, in our country, in our cities and suburbs – north, south, west, east, and middle. And friends, it’s not enough to celebrate our progress so far, to pat ourselves on the backs, to celebrate diversity one day or one month of the year, and say, “Hey, it’s better than it was fifty years ago.” That won’t help the kid who’s called racial slurs on the playground, or the woman whose headscarf is torn from her head as she walks home from work, or the transgender man who’s denied access to a public restroom.

This is the year to do more, to acknowledge that self-congratulation on “all our progress” falls short. Because it’s not enough until every individual is treated equally and with dignity, despite race, gender, religion, and creed.

Staying silent while those who oppose equality are screaming is not an option. We must talk. Share. Learn. Create. Show up. Speak up. Advocate. Support non-violent movements. Protest. Remember what history’s taught us. Embody the dream Martin Luther King Jr. had for us. Our country.


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