Tuesday, August 23


Recently we visited one of the many thermal baths in Budapest. While there we experienced an Aha moment. Picture it: ice-blue tile walls, domed ceilings with skylights open to the gray Hungarian sky, a view that hasn’t changed in a hundred years, steam clouding the rooms, and generations of the health-minded soaking in the storied mineral water. People have been visiting thermal baths for centuries, all for the benefit of their health and beauty. To detox. To cleanse. To restore. To keep young. For the same reasons we do what we do.

Skin health and care aren’t modern inventions. The Ancient Greeks exfoliated with sea salt. They moisturized with olive oil and honey. It also isn’t a western invention. The Japanese touted a balanced diet for outward beauty. Their skin care regimes used green tea, just like our product line does. Regardless of the time, the latitude and longitude, people try to do what’s right for their longevity.

We’re reminded that our journey is a human journey. The search for holistic ways to care for body and complexion is a human search.

Ours is a mission similar to the Ancients’. A part of the cosmic fabric of our human history. The difference is that today we pair the wisdom of holistic nutrition with science.


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