Good Intentions

Friday, February 24


Every January we resolve to eat cleaner, find more balance between work and play, volunteer, or to read more and Netflix less, only to have those plans fizzle into oblivion. So how do you capture the momentum of self-improvement and keep it after the New Year’s glow fades? For starters, let’s acknowledge we live in the age of distraction.

We’re never more than an arm’s distance from our cells, tablets, and laptops, and their billions of streaming pictures, memes, and snippets of info. Even when we’re passionate about something – like we bone-deep care and show up to protest and stand up for our ideals – it’s easy to lose focus with the noise of day-to-day.

We propose this. No need to feel guilty about that Saturday spent binge watching Peaky Blinders, or the weekly dinner consisting of Salt & Straw. Guilt’s obsolete. It’s debilitating. It doesn’t make you better, work harder, or get more focused. It takes up space. Rather than obsessing over resolutions kept or broken, we suggest you make 2017 a year to live with intention. Whatever you do, own it.

We’re going to indulge, screw up, fall down, and admit we need to learn more. But we’re also going to make mindful decisions about what we spend our time on. And rather than trying to adhere to one resolution for three hundred and sixty-five days, we’re going to allow for life getting messy, hectic, crazy. We’re going to use our energy on the stuff that matters – being authentic, kind, innovative, and hungry for more.



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