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You'll Love the Oasis Serum If…

15 Dec 2021

Many of us are officially in the thick of the cold weather season, which means skin is more prone to dryness, dehydration, and irritation from factors like wind and central heat. The harsh elements can cause even those with normal or combination skin types to start experiencing dry patches, and those with mature complexions may notice that fine lines and wrinkles look deeper due to lack of hydration. Enter Youth To The People’s new Triple Peptide + Cactus Oasis Serum—aka the ultimate solution for dry, distressed skin that desperately needs a hydration boost. 

“Oasis is great for all skin types and is more than just your general hydration serum,” says Jacob Tomás del Rosario, YTTP’s Director of Field Sales + Education. “It not only targets dryness and dehydration but also accelerated signs of aging, too.” It does so with a supercharged blend of both hydrating and restorative ingredients—including three bio-mimetic peptides that support the appearance of youthful skin, 4D hyaluronic acid for sustained hydration, and rambutan, a powerful antioxidant that’s rich in vitamin C. “I think of this serum as both a preventative and reparative treatment,” explains del Rosario. “And you’re going to see results no matter what age you are.”

In addition to the aforementioned hero ingredients, Oasis also contains organic cactus for its moisture-binding properties and superfood antioxidants for free-radical protection, as well as malachite micronutrients, which are vitamin-packed minerals that help restore dehydrated skin cells (fun fact: they’re also what gives the serum its pretty blue-green hue). On top of that, del Rosario says the formula contains a highly innovative synthetic form of sapphire that works like a vacuum to create a clear path for ingredients to go to work within the skin. 

As del Rosario noted, just about every skin type—including mature, sensitive, and acne-prone—can reap the benefits of YTTP’s latest innovation. Not only a hydrating treatment, the Oasis Serum visibly plumps and firms skin for an overall more youthful and healthy appearance. That, and with continued use, it works to keep skin in a happy, balanced state by maintaining optimal barrier function and supporting cellular renewal. Happy skin for the long haul? Who wouldn't love that?

Written by Kaleigh Fasanella for Youth To The People

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