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What’s the Best Way To Form a Healthy Habit?

The start of a new year often spurs a wellspring of feelings and emotions—including, for many, the desire to form more lasting healthy habits that boost one’s QOL (quality of life). This of course looks different for everybody, but could be anything from prioritizing sleep and self-care, to sticking to a solid skincare routine that works. With that said, forming a healthy habit typically doesn’t happen overnight; like most things in life, it takes some time, patience, and good ole’ practice to really get into the groove of things. (Yes, even when it comes to implementing healthy skincare habits.)

Take it from Dr. Haley Perlus, Ph.D, who weighed in with her expert insight on the topic: 

“The formation of healthy habits can be different for everyone and how their mindsets work,” she states. “It’s all about developing ways to disrupt unhealthy patterns and create new ones.” No matter what your goal is, Dr. Perlus advises taking it step by step and says you shouldn’t be afraid to start small. If you’re hoping to improve your skin health, for instance, you don’t have to adopt a lengthy 12-step routine in order to see results. Instead, stick to the basics—like using a great cleanser with clinically-proven ingredients, and getting in your vital nutrients that support a healthy immune system (and in turn, happier skin). 

To help kickstart your journey, Youth To The People teamed up with HUM Nutrition on a limited-edition set dubbed the Daily Greens Duo, which consists of the award-winning Superfood Cleanser from Youth To The People and the best-selling Daily Cleanse from HUM. The dynamic duo is specifically designed to enhance skin health from the inside out, with HUM’s Daily Cleanse formula helping to remove harmful pathogens and heavy metals from the body, and Superfood Cleanser acting as a daily green juice for your face. Both products contain antioxidant-rich green tea—a safeguard against environmental aggressors like pollution—along with a host of other nutrient-dense superfoods that help support healthy skin. 

Incorporating these two products into your daily routine is super easy and non-time-consuming, and yet it’s also a highly effective way to form a healthy, lasting habit for your skin. 

“Although change is difficult, no matter what kind you’re trying to make, paths for different behaviors and ways of thinking can be created and strengthened with good intentions, time, and effort, so stick with them!” says Dr. Perlus. “With repetition, new habits can get easier and become part of your everyday routine.”

Dr. Perlus’s top habit-forming tips include:

  1. Take it little by little and don’t pressure yourself into changing things too much at once.
  2. Track your positive changes, no matter how big or small.
  3. Allow yourself to celebrate day-to-day accomplishments.
  4. Have patience with yourself and don’t force it.

Additionally, when it comes to maintaining a positive mindset, which can be crucial for the formation of healthy habits, Dr. Perlus recommends a few different things. For starters: focusing on the good. 

“Don’t forget that challenging situations and obstacles are a part of life—although it may sometimes seem like the world may be plotting against you, you can always find the silver lining,” she says. “For example, if a concert you were looking forward to gets canceled, see it as a chance to have some free time for yourself, or catch up with friends.” 

Practicing gratitude is another biggie. 

“When you make sure to practice gratitude, it has been proven to reduce stress, foster resilience, and improve self-esteem, especially in tough times,” she says. “Start a gratitude journal and keep track of all the things you’re grateful for.” Dr. Perlus also stresses the importance of surrounding oneself with positive, supportive people. 

“Negativity and positivity are both known to be contagious so consider the people with whom you spend the majority of your time,” she says. “Have you noticed how it can bring down almost everyone else in the room when someone is in a bad mood? A positive person can have the opposite effect on others, bringing the levels in the room up.”

All this to say: No matter what your goals are this year, remember to be gentle with yourself and put self-care at the forefront. Take things day by day and celebrate all of your wins, regardless of how small they may seem at the time. Finally, don’t forget to check out the Daily Greens Duo, which you can score exclusively at Cult Beauty beginning January 18. Happy New Year, y’all.

Written by Kaleigh Fasanella for Youth To The People

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