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Working with Crystals Keeps Me Connected

17 Apr 2020

I started collecting crystals when I was very young—growing up, my grandma had them around her house and spoke about how they brought good energy to her. She taught me to charge crystals in the full moon, cleanse them in a body of natural water, and to use salt to cleanse off stagnant energy.

In 2012 I started doing my own research, both reading books and searching online. As I continued to learn more, my passion and curiosity grew. At meditation on Sundays, I always left with a new crystal or two, and I often noticed the crystal pendants wrapped in wire. Once I finally decided to purchase my own—a green kyanite to balance my chakras and connect to the vibrations of nature—I wore that baby every single day! I wanted to grow my collection, but I also wanted to work closely with my crystals, so I decided to make my own wire-wrapped crystal jewelry.

Wire wrapping allows me to focus on my art and on the energy of the crystal. When buying crystals, I always go with my gut. Whatever crystal I pick up is perfect; sometimes I buy crystals and wait until I get home to look up their meaning. I take it as a message from the universe. With custom orders, I hold the intentions of the person who commissioned it. Wire wrapping is a great way to work with healing crystals because it connects you to the same energetic field as your new gem, a benefit for the wearer as well. The crystals remind me to slow down, be creative, and be present—a reminder that I find beneficial as my mind can sometimes move a mile a minute. I’m always actively working on this, and my art makes it a bit easier.

During these past few weeks, my wire wrapping has helped to keep me grounded. It is an outlet to express myself and to push myself creatively. Relaxing music or a podcast gets me in the zone and I just wrap away. When I finish a pendant, I have something to be proud of and share with the world. Working with crystals has been a blessing. I encourage you to stay open-minded and maybe even try making jewelry for yourself. Sending lots of love from Florida.

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