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Why You Need a Clay Mask In Your Routine

05 May 2021

In the pantheon of all-time skincare greats, clay reigns supreme. A natural purifier, the power of this versatile beauty hall-of-famer has been wielded for centuries. Among a litany of notable benefits, it’s beloved for its ability to draw out impurities from the deepest depths of clogged pores, dislodging sebum and balancing excessive oil production without upsetting the skin’s acid mantle and microbiome — two interchangeably important barricades to inflammatory pollutants and other bacterial, or viral, substances. 

Yet not all clays are created equal, explains Youth To The People’s Education Executive, Nicole Breece. 

“Clay is this awesome ingredient that everyone’s heard of — and seen — in so many products, because it’s easy to source and has been used for decades, particularly in face masks. But for a lot of people, clay as we typically know it is way too drying and can lead to itchiness, tightness, and redness or irritation.”

Enter YTTP’s freshly launched and newly invigorated take at the age-old mineral skin hero: the Superclay Purify + Clear Power Mask . Formulated with three different types of sustainably-sourced clay (that’s French green, white, and volcanic ), plus a bevvy of other sumptuously hydrating, prebiotic-rich counterparts, it’s the first of its kind to tackle congestion, gently exfoliate, and visibly minimize pores in tandem with soothing and moisturizing dry and sensitive skin. 

“The softness of this particular product is so different from the tight feel of a typical clay-based mask thanks to its added ingredients like niacinamide , red willow bark , and fermented kombucha black tea ,” continues Breece. “The mix means that the mask has a cool, creamy texture that dries down flexibly, and won’t crack when you talk, take a sip of water, or answer the phone. It’s also easier to remove than the average clay mask, which means that there’s no harsh scrubbing or pulling at the skin to remove it.” That being said, those prone to dehydration should still be wary of overusing even this clinically-formulated product. 

“Even in lesser dosages and when balanced with other advantageous ingredients, clay by nature is deeply purifying,” says Breece. “It’s going to target the root cause of a lot of skin issues , absorb shine, clear any lingering grime or dirt, and tackle blemishes or more recent of-the-moment congestive issues, like maskne .” Dry or sensitive skin types may want to try the Power Mask out as a spot treatment, leaving it on for less time than the typically recommended ten minutes.

Written by Elsa de Berker for Youth To The People

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