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Why I Switch to Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream in the Summer

29 Jul 2020

When I was 17 and working at a spa counter in hot and humid Orlando, Florida, a brand rep came to the spa to teach us about skincare. I fell in love with creating a skincare routine, something I’ve since made into a twice daily habit. It’s a time I really look forward to and part of my self-care. In the morning, it sets the tone for my day and helps me relax at night. I love a routine and I’ve found what works for me. All I change up in the summer is my moisturizer.

The rest of the year, I live and breathe Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream —but I like to transition to Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream when the weather warms up. It keeps my skin feeling hydrated without weighing it down, which is ideal since I like to keep my summer skincare routine as lightweight and as dewy as possible, especially when it’s 95 degrees out. My skin is combination/oily and tends to get dehydrated , but my face produces a lot of oil in my T-zone when the summer heat sets in.

When I’m moisturizing my skin, I like to add a few drops of the Superberry Hydrate + Glow Oil into my Superfood Cream . Not only does this help me customize my skincare routine based on how dehydrated my skin feels that day, it helps my skin reduce oil production. With its light texture, my Superfood and Superberry combo easily absorbs into my skin, keeping it balanced and hydrated through the hot summer days. Even better? The hyaluronic acid in Youth To The People’s custom Superfood blend gives the Superfood Cream a natural cooling effect, which soothes my skin immediately upon application. (And if you’re looking for an even deeper chill , store your Superfood Cream in the refrigerator in the minutes leading up to your routine.)

Because the Superfood Cream contains antioxidants like vitamin E, it helps to protect and hydrate the skin at the same time. Vitamin E soothes, repairs, and prevents the appearance of scars. Our bodies naturally produce vitamin E in our skin, but it slows over time, so I like to apply it topically to make sure I’m protecting my skin from sun damage. With its cooling effect, the antioxidant-rich Superfood Cream rounds out my easily customizable summer routine, making it an ideal daily moisturizer when I’m spending more time in the sun.


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