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Polypeptide-121 Future Cream Is Right for You If...

You want healthy-looking, firm, radiant skin that glows. 

If you’ve been on the hunt for a holy grail moisturizer that not only checks all the boxes but goes the extra mile, look no further than Youth To The People’s new Polypeptide-121 Future Cream. Made with a cutting-edge blend of efficacious ingredients, this future-gen hydrator is not your average moisturizer, but a multi-benefit cream that targets dryness and multiple visible signs of aging—from fine lines and wrinkles to loss of elasticity and visible firmness. 

As YTTP’s Director of Field Sales + Education Jacob Tomas dél Rosario explains, this makes it a great go-to moisturizer for anyone looking to address or help combat the visible signs of aging.

“Future Cream is suitable for all skin types, and perfect for those who want to see a visible difference in the firmness and smoothness of their skin,” he says. “Formulated with polypeptide-121, this formula supports visibly firmer, dewier, and smoother looking skin and reduces the look of noticeable fine lines and wrinkles.” 

On top of addressing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness, Future Cream aids in supporting skin’s elasticity, a key part of maintaining youthful-looking skin. 

Beyond polypeptide-121, within the formula are three tetrapeptides, niacinamide, plant proteins from flax, rice, and pea, and ceramides, which all together in the formula help to visibly reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, promote brighter, more even-toned and healthy-looking skin, and help to strengthen our protective moisture barrier. 

MVP ingredients aside, dél Rosario points out that the unique texture of Future Cream is what also makes it an ideal fit for just about anyone. 

“I myself have combination/oily skin and have been loving the texture and consistency so much,” he raves. “It’s like this invisible cocoon of moisture that’s super richly hydrating without feeling heavy or greasy.” He adds that it instead imparts a beautiful dewy finish that those with normal, combo, and dry skin types will adore. 

All this to say? You really can’t go wrong with Future Cream, especially if you’re someone who’s looking for a moisturizer that goes beyond basic hydration to visibly address the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and loss of firmness, while also strengthening your skin’s moisture barrier to boot. 

Written by Kaleigh Fasanella for Youth To The People

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