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Meet the Superberry Dream Cleansing Balm

19 Oct 2021

Are you craving a velvety-whipped cleanser to melt away your makeup, gently lift impurities from your pores, and ease your worries at the end of a long day? Are you yearning to infuse your complexion with nutrients, repair damage from environmental stressors, and condition your skin to the best of its buttery-soft potential as soon as your head hits the pillow? 

It’s time to introduce your nighttime routine’s new best friend: Youth To The People’s Superberry Dream Cleansing Balm offers everything you require in a cleanser, with the added bonus of omega-rich moisturizing oils, three molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, and tons of antioxidants derived from YTTP’s proprietary superberry blend

“The Superberry Dream Cleansing Balm provides instant gratification because it delivers as a cleanser, and because it’s an absolute dream to use,” says Laura Cline, Youth To The People’s Senior Director Product Development + Education. “It’s the perfect first step in a double-cleansing regimen and, unlike most balms, it rinses off with water and doesn’t leave even a little bit of residue.”

Plump, glowing skin with a healthy bit of bounce will never go out of style, along with savvy formulas that make it easily attainableand this latest launch is a classic example. Add it into your nightly routine today, says Cline, and you can expect more hydration, even after you wash it off. Use it for a month (and forever), and you’ll have far greater benefits.

“Your skin will feel crazy soft because of all the moisturizing properties, and because oil breaks down and binds with oil, clogged pores will become clearer, dirt, makeup, and sunscreen will be truly removed, and there will be less congestion overall.”

Another perk of the balm being oil-based and loaded with hyaluronic acid, she adds, is its ability to reach multiple skin layers and deliver both nourishment and hydration at a deeper levelwhich is good news for every skin type, but particularly those who lean towards dry or combination skin, or are looking to restore equilibrium to a compromised moisture barrier.

“The omegas (derived from a combination of moringa, sunflower, and jojoba oils) restore hydration and repair pre-existing damage, while the three molecular weights of hyaluronic link up to protect skin and draw yet more moisture inand allow the superberry blend to get to work combatting free radicals and oxidative stress.”

There’s more: when bedtime rolls around and washing your face feels like an arduous task, the new formula is quick to get to work. 

“It’s really easy to apply and, unlike most balms, you don’t have to use a washcloth,” confirms Cline. “Use it with dry hands on dry skin until it transforms into an oil, and then add water to emulsify into a milky textureand you’re ready to wash it away and carry on with the rest of your routine. The directions are short, but it’s crucial to follow them in order to get the full results.”

The Superberry Dream Cleansing Balm arrives as part of the ultimate YTTP protocol for skincare that works overtime while you sleep. Cutely nicknamed “The Dream Suite” by Cline, it’s a smart collection of formulas that increases the skin’s ability to heal itself from the afflictions of the daymaximizing natural repair functions, reducing the potential for transepidermal water loss, and bolstering skin for whatever lies ahead the following morning.

So far, the dreamy lineup includes the Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask, Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Oil, Superberry Dream Eye Creamand now, the Superberry Dream Cleansing Balm.

Have questions about how to use it in your routine? Schedule a free 15-minutes Skin Session to get the personalized scoop.

Written by Elsa de Berker for Youth To The People

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