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Meet Our Giving Partners: A Place Called Home

19 Nov 2019

For 25 years, A Place Called Home has provided a safe environment for the kids and teens of South Central Los Angeles—over 1,000 at-risk kids per year—through free, year-round programs in the arts, community outreach, academic tutoring, nutrition and health, and college admissions guidance. In 2019, Youth To The People adopted the organization’s graduating class of student-scholars who are the first in their families to be accepted to college after matriculating up through APCH’s programs. In celebration of their accomplishments, Joe and Greg presented the incoming college freshmen with laptops and school supplies.

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About Giving:

Our founders, Greg and Joe, believe in youth. The optimism in it, the courage to act to protect our future, and in its beauty of spirit. We believe in being Good To The People. Our Giving arm is a foundry for people who care about people and the planet. Giving initiatives support non-profits and activists working to amplify diverse voices and increase inclusivity, build a more just world, and save the planet. Giving takes action. As the charitable arm of YTTP, Giving invests in shaping a better future—for everyone.

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Image courtesy of A Place Called Home

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