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Limited-Edition Protect the Planet Tee Available for Pre-Order!

20 Oct 2020

I bet you already know that your clothes have a carbon footprint; from farming, sourcing, and processing the materials, to the factories that sewed the garments you wear, down to the transportation of goods (including shipping them to you), there’s an impact on the planet. 

The carbon footprint of your clothing doesn’t cap once they’re in your closet, though—how you care for and launder them adds up. According to The Guardian, a load of laundry averages a carbon footprint of about 2.4 kg—or 5.3 pounds of CO2e. How many times per month do you do laundry? Per year?

So when we made our new Protect the Planet tee, designed in-house by our YTTP Studios team, we thought about that. We’re proud to work with Cool Effect to offset 110% of the lifetime carbon footprint of every single tee we sell. 

This limited-edition Protect the Planet tee, which we made for you with the planet in mind, is made from 100% recycled cotton. It has a loose fit and is ready to be worn by all. The tee is pre-shrunk, so it’ll retain its classic shape, and is locally manufactured in Los Angeles, California to keep carbon emissions to a minimum. It shouts what we believe: invest in community and the environment, and together we can help the world become stronger. 

As for its carbon footprint, through Cool Effect, we invested in The Nature Conservancy’s Chestnut Mountain Project in the Tennessee Appalachians. It’s there that the climate nonprofit fights to protect forests, sequester carbon, and sustain plant and animal biodiversity. Read more about the project we chose here.

Want a totally carbon-offset tee? Make sure you pre-order your limited-edition Protect the Planet tee here

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