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Illustrator Andrea Campos [@dreasdoodles] Takes The Youth Questionnaire

04 Oct 2021

In celebration of Latinx Heritage Month (September 15-October 15), Youth To The People is highlighting Latinx artists and creatives and their contributions through the Youth Questionnaire. First up is illustrator, visual artist, and photographer Andrea Campos, known as @dreasdoodles on Instagram.

Coming October 12, 2021 from Campos is a A Little Book About Culture. It was a conversation on Instagram led by @AKidsCo—and how they opened it up for children—that inspired Campos initially.

“I loved that they [@akidsco] were taking complex issues like racism, climate change, activism (and more) and sharing them with kids in a way that made sense for them,” says Campos. “Within a few weeks, I was talking to Jelani Memory, the company CEO and founder, and together we decided that I would be a great fit for one of their upcoming projects: A Little Book About Culture.” 

Campos launched her illustrative Instagram account, @dreasdoodles, at the start of the pandemic—she says these personal works (and sharing them) enabled her to process the heavy feeling that hung over everyone in the early days of Covid. Like many creative folks, there was a silver lining of opportunity to be found, and Campos was able to turn a one-time hobby into an actual career (see: her upcoming book).

“I think culture is such a beautiful thing, and something that deserves to be celebrated, even if it looks a little different from person to person,” says Campos. “This book is meant to be like a little seed that sparks the curiosity of young readers and opens their eyes to all the different things that go into culture, from our traditions to food, and everything in between. My hope is that books like this one inspire parents to have conversations with their young children about different cultures, which can be such an important first step in building empathy and understanding towards others.” 

Pre-order the book here and read on for Andrea Campos’s answers to the Youth Questionnaire. 

Question 03: Where are you most free?

When I’m creating, making art. Drawing and photography both fill my soul with so much happiness. 

Question 11: What is your favorite flower or tree, and why? 

Mango trees are my favorite because like other fruit-bearing trees they are unassuming and a bit plain unless they are in the right conditions. Conditions that support its development and growth and allow it to produce fruit that gives life to other living creatures. 

Question 13: What is your most useful affirmation? 

I don’t chase; I attract.

Question 17: What colors your view of the world? 

My experiences, the duality of my Mexican-American upbringing. It’s given me a perspective that includes both the world in front of me and a world that is beyond my line of sight. And that has greatly impacted how I interact with the people, places, and cultures that I encounter. 

Question 19: If your energy were visible to others, what would it look like? 

Like a warm orange and yellow-hued sunrise; vibrant, inviting, full of life, and hopeful. 

Question 20: What does it mean to you to dream beyond? 

Dreaming Beyond to me means dreaming bigger than what's in front of me. Seeing the limitations and barriers life places in front of me and having the audacity and determination to dream beyond those walls. 

Question 25: What does it mean to find yourself?  

Listening to yourself, your gut, your intuition. It's easy to get lost in the noise of everyday life, work responsibilities, family responsibilities, but in order to truly find ourselves we have to listen to what’s going on inside, as much as what is going on outside.

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