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How To Use the Dream Balm In Your Routine

It’s finally here, folks: Meet the Superberry Dream Cleansing Balm, Youth To The People’s brand-new cleanser and the latest installment to the Dream skincare lineup. The perfect complement to Superfood Cleanser, Dream Balm is a deeply nourishing salve-like formula that gently breaks down makeup—even stubborn mascara—as well as dirt, physical sunscreen, and acne-causing bacteria. But that’s not all. It also soothes, hydrates, and conditions skin, leaving it soft and calm. So how to use the Dream Balm in your routine?

“What’s beautiful about Dream Balm is it can be used as a stand-alone cleanser that doesn’t lather but it also breaks down makeup and debris,” explains YTTP’s Director of Field Sales and Education, Jacob Tomás del Rosario. “It’s really for all skin types, depending on use, but can be especially beneficial for sensitive and dry complexions.” Rosario says those with drier complexions will enjoy how comforting and gentle it is, while those with oilier and combo skin will appreciate how easily it wicks away excess sebum and layers of physical SPF. 

How do you use Dream Balm? Well, as Rosario says, it depends on your skin type and general cleansing preference, though he generally recommends using it as the first step to a double cleanse—try it with the Superfood Cleanser—seeing as it’s excellent at breaking down that initial layer of buildup that accumulates throughout the day. 

“As you massage it into the skin, it breaks down from the balm into an oil, and when you add water, it emulsifies into a milky solution that’s very hydrating,” explains Rosario. 

Ingredient-wise, you’ll find YTTP’s signature dream oil blend, consisting of moringa, sunflower, and jojoba oils, as well as a super berry cocktail that combats oxidative stress that leads to redness and sensitivity. You’ll also find antioxidant-rich vitamin E and prickly pear cactus: an ingredient that Rosario calls a mega-hydration booster that also works to radically soothe the skin. Oh and that’s not all: oil-soluble hyaluronic acid helps the formula emulsify and reach all three layers of the skin, leaving it significantly softer, plumper, and well-hydrated. 


In the morning, depending on what you’re partial to, you can use Dream Balm as a stand-alone cleanser to gently awaken your skin and give it a hit of antioxidant-rich nourishment. Start with dry hands and massage the buttery-soft formula into dry skin until it transforms into an oil—then wet your hands and continue massaging until the oil turns a milky consistency. After that, rinse your face thoroughly with tepid or cool water until it’s all gone. Then, if needed, follow up with an exfoliant like Power Toner or the new ultra-gentle Unity Exfoliant, which can be used daily, and moisturize with Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream or Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream before applying SPF.

Come evening, kick your regimen off with Dream Balm to break everything down that decided to stick to your face throughout the day. Then, if your skin needs it, go in with Superfood Cleanser for a mild gel cleanse that will leave your skin conditioned, calm, and hydrated. Post-cleansing, use Dream Mask and Dream Eye Cream for a double dose of non-irritating vitamin C goodness. When combined and used consistently, these products will make skin look brighter, clearer, and—dare we say it?—lit-from-within. It’s just the facts. 

Written by Kaleigh Fasanella for Youth To The People

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