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How To Prevent Signs of Aging Before They Appear On Your Face

21 Mar 2022

Incorporating retinal can provide a host of youth-preserving skin benefits.

By Grace Gavilanes, she/her

Growing older brings wisdom and a refreshed mindset—signs of aging that are always embraced. The fine lines and wrinkles that inevitably follow suit? That’s personal preference, but for those looking for how to prevent premature signs of aging before they appear on your face, it’s all about retinal—and SPF of course.

The body’s ability to turn over new skin cells and produce moisture-boosting ceramides starts to wane as we grow older. That’s why adding skincare products that are mindfully formulated to help prevent the signs of aging that follow suit are imperative. 

“Our skin is affected by over exposure to sunlight or pollution or even things like internal stress, which can further oxidize our skin cells,” says Jacob Tomás del Rosario, Youth To The People’s Director of Field Sales + Education. “Using antioxidants helps to stabilize the skin.”

Oxidation is the process of oxygen particles becoming free radicals. This can cause congestion and irritation. It can also lead to premature signs of aging, such as loss of density and elasticity.

“When you’re using antioxidants—such as retinoids—as a preventative step in your routine, it’s really helping the skin have its most optimal function,” adds del Rosario.

A skincare regimen that prioritizes prevention is key. And while retinal and retinoids are considered the “gold stars” in skincare, according to del Rosario, it’s important to start with a fresh face—a clean base—before layering on serums and creams. 

“Creating an environment in your skin that’s going to take every benefit from every product that you use thereafter is just the best way to set up your routine for success,” says del Rosario, who recommends starting off with YTTP’s best-selling and award-winning Superfood Cleanser, which features superfood antioxidants from kale, spinach, and green tea. With retinoids, exfoliation on alternating days is key—for those experiencing build up of dry skin, incorporating the Yerba Mate Resurfacing Energy Facial once per week can do wonders to smooth skin.

It’s also imperative to apply products containing retinal, like the Youth Serum, at night. 

After cleansing the skin at nighttime, apply the hydrating Oasis Serum, followed by YTTP’s new Retinal + Niacinamide Youth Serum—formulated with the highest dose of retinoid available without a prescription. Using the Youth Serum after applying the Oasis Serum can help to prevent potential irritation from the active retinal while also doubling up on firming benefits for healthier, more youthful-looking skin thanks to the peptides in the Oasis Serum formula.

“When you’re looking at smoothing the skin texture, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and helping with overall firming,” says del Rosario, “you’re really looking for a retinal—with an A—like Youth Serum, for that specifically.”

Lastly, follow up the Youth Serum with the Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask, an overnight mask that deeply hydrates, plumps, and brightens the skin with powerful, antioxidant-rich superberries and THD ascorbate, a clinically-proven form of stable vitamin C.

As for what else you can do to prevent or slow down signs of aging, del Rosario stresses the importance of applying sunscreen as the last step of your daytime skincare routine. 

“Nothing is worth doing if you’re not protecting its performance and degradation of the skin generally with sunscreen,” he says. “Always reapply as needed throughout the day.”

Written by Grace Gavilanes for Youth To The People
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