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How Celebrity Makeup Artist Kirin Bhatty Preps Skin for Makeup

12 Nov 2020

As a makeup artist, I’ve always been a fan of skin-forward makeup looks, and have made a skincare regimen a priority for myself as well as my clients. Before the covid lockdowns, in-spa facials were a regular part of my life, a sweet indulgence that I looked forward to monthly to maintain a healthy glow—but I didn’t realize the mental health benefits that these monthly facials provided me until I stopped going. That hour that I would just get to myself, doing something purely to make myself feel good and look good is something that has been really difficult to recreate at home. It’s not for a lack of access to beautiful products and tools, it’s more that dedicating a solid hour to myself while the world is in turmoil has been more difficult then I’d like to admit. It’s hard to shut everything off mentally for that block of time. This is why I love the Yerba Mate Resurfacing Energy Facial so much. A big plus: it helps to prep skin for makeup beautifully. 

The Energy Facial has allowed me to create a new ritual at home and get professional results in under two minutes, just enough time for me to stay blissed out before my mind starts to wander. Now, when I say two minutes, I mean it! This is a VERY potent formula that should be rinsed off per the instructions in a very timely fashion. For sensitive skin, I recommend starting with one minute—and for my skin care pros who can handle a strong exfoliant, don’t push your limits. Follow the directions and you won’t be disappointed. I love finding a product that does exactly what it promises to do. 

This has now become a part of my weekly skincare routine and something I really look forward to. The results are instant; you get that I just had a facial glow—something I was desperately missing during all these months we’ve been at home. 

The other incredible thing that this mask does is sculpt and depuff your face. This feature really makes it feel like a good substitute for a professional facial. I have added this to my list of recommendations for clients as a pre-event tool, but for now, more appropriately, a pre-Zoom tool. 

If you’re a makeup wearer, this should be an essential part of your process. You get such a smooth canvas to work on every time, and a lit-from-within glow that really enhances any look, along with a natural contour.

This product plays well with others, which is a great thing because creating my perfect skincare cocktail is something I really love doing. After rinsing away the Energy Facial, I soothe and refresh my and my clients’ skin with the Adaptogen Soothe + Hydrate Activated Mist. It really helps to tame any redness or irritation, and also instantly hydrates and soothes skin after the exfoliation process. I then follow with the Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream to seal in all that good hydration from the mist and to add a protective, moisturizing layer. Throughout the day, I’ll spritz the Adapt Mist when I want a refresh.

Nothing will replace human connection and touch, but while I’m waiting anxiously to reunite with my fellow beauty peers in all factions, I’m taking a note from my esthetician’s playbook and putting care and love back into my skin and my life in a consistent way.

Written by Kirin Bhatty for Youth To The People

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