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Skincare Advice from Wellness Expert + Acupuncturist, Samantha Manka-Segal

12 Feb 2020

When you enter Samantha Manka-Segal’s office in the heart of the Palisades in Los Angeles, California, you are greeted by the soft noise of bells jingling from the doorknob, a warm cup of tea, and positive energy that radiates from Manka-Segal herself. Her intentionally designed space beams with natural light and plants and could make anyone forget about the stress of the outside world. 

Manka-Segal is a health and wellness expert and the founder of Aqu, an acupuncture wellness studio. As Aqu says in their mission statement, they believe that the way the body feels influences a person's mental and physical health and happiness. By offering a combination of treatments including Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, cupping, and facial acupuncture, Manka-Segal is working to help restore her clients' bodies to optimal health. She treats needs across the board, including chronic pain, migraines, fertility, and cosmetic treatments. 

Recently, Youth To the People visited Manka-Segal in her own space to discover her motivations for entering the health and wellness field, which includes seeking solutions to her own health concerns. Learn her tips for stress management, hear about her favorite way to use adaptogens, and of course, to get some solid skincare tips. 

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