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From YTTP Studios Comes ‘To The People’ Podcast

11 Oct 2020

Youth To The People creates PRO-GRADE VEGAN™, cruelty-free Skincare For All—all genders, all skin tones, all passions, all people. But we’re also more than a skincare brand; we’re a team of creatives, dreamers, do-ers, and advocates, and we’re taking a stand for a more inclusive world. And… we’re launching a podcast.

YTTP’s Editorial + Special Projects Director, Alyssa Shapiro, will be your host. In the first collection of To The People Podcast, she’ll sit down—virtually, of course—with advocates, artists, changemakers, and friends of Youth To The People. Every Sunday, you’ll meet visionaries and community builders who are creating the changes they dream of seeing in the world. And they go deep—their conversations range from healing trauma through joy to decolonizing education to what it really means to build community. You’ll also hear from the skincare experts behind Youth To The People, so tune in for their beauty advice and extensive industry knowledge. 

[Note: This week’s episode contains a few non-explicit mentions of healing from sexual trauma. They are brief, but some listeners may find them unsettling. If you’d prefer to skip it, join us for episode 02—a conversation about climate positivity and decolonizing education with Céline Semaan, the founder of Slow Factory.]

In season 00, episode 01, YTTP co-founder Greg Gonzalez drops by to talk YTTP’s origin story and what it’s like to grow up in a skincare family. And later, Alyssa has a conversation with Deun Ivory, the multidisciplinary artist and creative who first built her nonprofit, The Body: A Home For Love, as a visual storytelling project with VSCO Voices in 2018. She was the first Black woman to receive the $20,000 grant, which included a six-month commitment. 

“That six months shifted my entire world,” Ivory says. “Interviewing 13 Black women who dealt with sexual trauma and really trying to understand how they’re journeying back to their bodies after enduring something so traumatic—it just shook my world up.”

Now, The Body: A Home For Love has transformed into a community-based non-profit shifting how Black women heal from sexual trauma. Ivory believes—and it’s visible in her work—that Black women deserve to be at the forefront of beautiful images and to heal in beautiful spaces. 

“We believe that healing should not come at a cost to those who are dealing with trauma,” Ivory says. “I don't want any woman to feel like, ‘Oh my God, like I can't afford to heal. I can't afford to access this information that is going to transform my life.’ Like, no, you are worthy. And that's something that we're very big on. Black women are worthy.” 

To The People Podcast drops every Sunday on Spotify, Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, Anchor + more.

02:40  YTTP co-founder Greg Gonzalez joins Alyssa over Zoom to talk YTTP’s origin story and what it’s like to grow up in a skincare family.

5:35 — Deun moved to LA in the midst of the pandemic—here’s what it’s like. She also responds to the Youth Questionnaire, YTTP’s collection of questions on things like affirmation, energy, inspiration, and connection, and tells us more about her background as a creative.

10:00 — Deun tells us what it means to heal through joy.

12:43 — We learn more about The Body: A Home for Love’s programming, which includes guided meditations, trauma-informed yoga, and therapeutic healing sessions with a licensed therapist—all offered at a sliding-scale membership cost.

16:04  Deun explains how discernment, nourishment, and alignment are instrumental in the healing power her team is cultivating with The Body.

19:07  In Deun’s work, part of wholeness is facilitating wellness for others. Here, she explains how her work aligns with the belief that healing from trauma doesn’t have to be traumatic and how The Body: A Home for Love shifted her entire world when it began as a visual storytelling project.

21:47  As a photographer, Deun tells stories about the duality of Black women. There’s a love for women and a respect for the body that is so evident in her work. She explains how photography is her love letter to Black women, how it’s also a love language to herself, and how magical it is when you are authentic to yourself.

24:24  Lately, she’s been practicing self-care through running and daily affirmation—and she just got a puppy named Joni!

27:27  Sisterhood and community are integral parts of what The Body: A Home for Love is building. Here, Deun dives into her meanings of sisterhood and community and how both relationships represent different levels of intimacy, but still lend themselves to one another.

31:30  Deun shares what she’s most hopeful for about the future—and what it means to Dream Beyond™.

To The People Podcast is a production of YTTP Studios, Youth To The People’s in-house creative team. To learn more about Deun Ivory, visit The Body: A Home For Love online and check out her Beautiful People episode.

Edited by Manna Zel

Produced by Manna Zel + Alyssa Shapiro

Theme music by YTTP co-founder Greg Gonzalez + Hannah Fernando

Special thanks to Keshia Liverpool + Gottlieb Media

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