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Clean Means Safe for You + for the Planet

21 Oct 2020

Youth To The People is clean skincare, but that can mean so many things, so here’s some clarity: when we say “clean,” we mean that it’s effective, of course, and also safe both for your skin and for the planet.

“Clean means skincare formulated with ingredients that are optimal for your skin health and are clean in how they’re sourced,” says Joe Cloyes, YTTP co-founder. Everything is connected—our bodies, the ingredients we source, and our planet. Think of organic produce: it provides your body with nourishment, sans pesticides, without harming the earth.

“We look at many factors when sourcing and manufacturing ingredients,” Cloyes says. “Is it organically and sustainably farmed? If we choose bioidentical actives, or an ingredient borne from cosmetic science, how is it made?” Oftentimes, it can be better for your skin and the planet to use a bioidentical ingredient, like in the case of hyaluronic acid, which can be made more sustainable—and vegan—by making it in a lab.

Clean continues after you wash your face, too. Think of sunscreen: some of it is reef-safe, and some of it isn’t. What we put on our skin ends up in the planet’s bodies of water, and we have only one planet to protect

“A lot of what you put on your face ends up washing down the drain at the end of the day,” says Cloyes. It’s why we aim for 100% biodegradability, a goal we’re on the road to meeting.

Something else we consider is how our formulas are packaged. 

We make products that people are potentially repurchasing a few times a year, and that does create waste,” says Cloyes. “So we look at how we can make our packaging easily recyclable, wherever you are. We choose glass for all of our bottles and jars because it is very easy to make and it’s very easy to recycle; most curbside recycling bins allow glass, whereas plastics are more complicated, depending on their size and condition. The recycling of glass, on the other hand, is pretty simple; it just gets broken, heated, melted back down, and remade into recycled glass.”

We’re also looking at a product’s overall carbon footprint, with factors like how and where a product was made, and what happens to a package after you use the product. It’s why we formulate in and ship from California, house our formulas in glass bottles and jars, and package our products in FSC-certified kraft paper cartons. Additionally, all of our superfood extracts are made in the United States. 

We won’t stop there, though; expect updates from us as we continue to make progress for a cleaner, more protected planet.

Have more questions about our stance on sustainability? Click here.
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