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What Will Your Future Self Thank You for Doing Today?

28 Jul 2022

From yesterday to tomorrow. From here to there. The future is a bridge that connects all things. Address yourself to tackling the tomorrow. Welcome to Future World.

When you think about your future, what do you envision? Who will you be, and what will the world look like? Have a vision in mind? Great. Next step: how will you make it happen? In other words, what are you doing today that your future self will thank you for?

We tapped our YTTP team to dig into those same questions. Here’s what they had to say.

Chanel Nualsumlee, she/her

Senior People + Culture Manager at YTTP

For me, I wear sunscreen and exercise daily, and I am in therapy! I wear sunscreen to reduce my risk of skin cancer and skin changes. I exercise daily to boost my energy, both physical and mental, while also reducing the risk of other diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular, etc.). I go to therapy to practice self-reflection and awareness. Because the better I can be for myself, the better I can be for others long-term.  

Kishan Desai, he/him

Customer Experience Coordinator at YTTP 

Something that I have recently started doing for the betterment of my future is taking classes at Orange Theory Fitness. I decided that I needed to incorporate something into my life that helps me with both my mental and physical health. I made a commitment to myself to attend class at least three times a week. I am truly excited to see where this journey takes me as time goes on.

Jacob Tom​​ás del Rosario, he/him

Director of Field Sales + Education at YTTP

I know the pandemic was super challenging for so many of us, including the disconnection and the forced need to be nimble as many of us were faced with life-rocking twists and turns. During that time, I felt as if I was given no choice but to find a hobby in order to cope. Seemingly, this was a widespread reaction—whether you were making sourdough bread, viral TikToks, or working on your skincare/fitness game to exit the pandemic with a full-on glow up. Personally, I took up candle making, with ZERO previous experience. I was driven by a long-standing love for all things that smell good, and the happy memories that your sense of smell can recall. Finding a moment of escape to craft candles has become a form of therapy that brings me so much happiness.

This is all so amazing for Future Me because this has become so much more than a hobby; it’s a way to relax and calm my mind. It’s a way to cope that I truly did not have before. It went from something I felt I had to do to fill time, to something I want to do to fully check out [of the stress of life]. Being able to turn off and engage in an act of service to myself and others is the love language that fills my cup. It has made me more relaxed and will empower future me—tomorrow or years from no—with a sense of peace in this chaotic world.

Lily Siwak, she/her

Product Marketing Manager at YTTP

I’m very routine-oriented, and every day I make it a priority to do one thing that’s just for me. It’s usually just working out or going for a long walk with my dog, but the more consistent I am in making time for myself, the more clear-minded I am on a daily basis and it helps me be more flexible with all the other aspects of life, work, and family that are completely unpredictable.

Ricky Phan, he/him

Demand Planning Manager at YTTP

Just working on work/life balance. I want to stop and enjoy where I am at instead of worrying about where I am trying to go. Life is flying by so fast and I don't want to look back with any regrets.

Alysia Torres, she/her

Regional Sales + Education Executive at YTTP

When I think about the future, I think about happiness and love. In the future, I will be a mom. I envision working in my vegan bakery and having my dreamy husband and future baby by my side. I will manifest my dream and work towards it by working on recipes before and after my regular work day. I want to work hard now so that I can enjoy my time in the future. 

My future self will thank me for speaking up, advocating for myself and for others, and working hard. The world is struggling right now, but if we as a society can stick to love, compassion, and respect for one another, my hopes are that the future will start to shift, and become much brighter.

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