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What Skincare to Pack for Holiday Travels

Whether you’re headed to Bora Bora, the mountains, or just your good ol’ hometown this holiday season, one thing remains true: a solid skincare routine is in order to keep your skin in A+ shape amid the hustle and bustle that comes along with traveling during this hectic time of year. After all, as nice as it can be, travel also involves exposure to new environmental stressors (like increased UV levels) and typically a smidge of stress, so it’s extra important to give your skin the T.L.C. it needs. From loading up on hydration to treating your skin with products that hydrate, soothe, and bolster, Youth To The People has you covered with its TSA-friendly minis and Youth Stacks—the latter of which includes two all-star formulas in each, both designed to address different skin goals, from hydration to brightness.

Read on for help figuring out what skincare to pack for your holiday travels.

If you’re dry, dehydrated, and sensitive

If your skin is prone to dry spots and often gets sensitive when exposed to new environments, then it’s no question that you need the Youth Stacks: Plump It Up for Dry, Dehydrated Skin in your travel arsenal. The powerhouse duo features mini sizes of the brand’s best-selling Triple Peptide + Cactus Oasis Serum and Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream, which work in tandem to help firm, hydrate, plump, and calm skin. While Oasis Serum deeply hydrates and visibly plumps, Adaptogeen Cream aids in soothing irritation and replenishing moisture. With consistent use, skin looks and feels vibrant, dewy, and healthy all around.

If you’re looking to brighten skin for the holidays (and always)

If brightening and evening your skin tone is always a goal for you, then the Youth Stacks: Brighter Tomorrow Duo for Dullness definitely belongs in your dopp kit—period. The $26 duo includes the 15% Vitamin C + Caffeine Energy Serum, which works to visibly reduce hyperpigmentation, and the Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask which restores essential hydration and improves radiance. Loaded with antioxidants and powerful hydrators, you can count on these MVP formulas to make your skin look even toned and lit from within.

If you need balanced hydration

Most skin types will travel well with the Youth Stacks: Daily Skin Health duo, which combines YTTP’s iconic Superfood Cleanser with the Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream to cleanse, nourish, and hydrate skin so it stays healthy and balanced (not too dry, not too oily). Loaded with superfood extracts, this top-notch pair helps to soothe, hydrate, and balance skin.

For the skin cycler

Fancy being able to shake up your routine based on your skin’s specific needs each day? If that’s the case, add the Treatment Serum Trio Travel Size set to your cart. With $60 in value, this clutch $48 kit comes with three of YTTP’s staple serums in mini form: the Vitamin C + Caffeine 15% Energy Serum, Triple Peptide + Cactus Oasis Serum, and the Retinal + Niacinamide Youth Serum. Incorporate these pro-grade vegan serums into your travel routine to keep your skin bright, hydrated, and visibly firm.

Shop YTTP’s full selection of travel-size skincare here to ensure you have all your complexion needs on lock this holiday season.

Written by Kaleigh Fasanella for Youth To The People

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