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The Superfood Three-Step Routine for Healthy-Looking Skin

21 Apr 2022

Cleanse, treat, hydrate, and go. Read on for our best (and easiest) vegan skincare routine for healthy skin.

Having a consistent skincare routine with products that cater to your skin’s daily needs can make a huge difference on the appearance of your skin. Let’s be honest though, finding and pairing the right products together can sometimes feel overwhelming and time-consuming, but if you’re looking for a simple three-step routine for healthy-looking skin, Youth To The People has you covered. What you need is antioxidants, gentle exfoliation, and hydration to help your skin look balanced and healthy, and for that, there’s the Superfood Routine—three easy steps for happier skin. 

Simple, straightforward, clear, the Superfood Routine is made up of the Superfood Cleanser, the Mandelic Acid + Superfood Unity Exfoliant for gentle exfoliation, with hydration and moisture provided by the Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream.

According to Jessie Giammalva, Youth To The People’s interim social media manager and a licensed esthetician, the Superfood Routine is perfect for those who are beginning their skincare journey. Why? Because it covers the fundamentals of a skincare routine. 

“If you’re brand new and want to kick off your routine, you need products that cleanse, exfoliate,, and hydrate,” Giammalva says. “The Superfood Routine is really going to focus on texture, overall healthy looking skin, clarity, and giving your skin a dose of antioxidants from all three products.” 

Here’s how the Superfood Routine works:

Step 1: Clean Canvas 

“Everybody has skin, so it’s important for all to wash off pollution, dirt, and debris from the day,” says Giammalva. “Even if you don't leave your house for the day, there's dust everywhere and you're also sweating. The Superfood Cleanser is pH-balanced, so it won't strip your skin. You'll have a really nice, clean surface for the rest of your routine.”  

She recommends using the Superfood Cleanser twice a day, morning and night. The best way to apply the cleanser is by thoroughly wetting your face, adding 2-3 pumps of cleanser onto your hands, and working the product into a lather. (Important to note: the Superfood Cleanser is free of sulphates, but still works into a nice lather thanks to coconut extract, and you can read more about that here.) Apply the cleanser to your face in circular motions, cleansing for about 30-60 seconds.  

“This is really important to break down pollution particles like dirt and debris that accumulate on your skin throughout the day,” she says. Cleansing for about a minute helps to prep the skin for the next steps in your routine. 

Step 2: Exfoliate 

The Unity Exfoliant smooths the appearance of skin texture, helps clear pores, and supports the skin’s barrier—and it’s thanks to the combination of three gentle yet effective acids: mandelic acid, salicylic acid, and gluconolactone. This triple-acid complex combined with superfood antioxidants (green tea, licorice root, and kale) helps to unclog pores to reduce their appearance, decreases shine, and reduces the look of dark spots.

“In your routine, you want to make sure that you’re incorporating exfoliants in a slower way, whether it's a new ingredient to you or not, just to see how your skin reacts,” Giammalva says. She recommends using the Unity Exfoliant 2-3 times a week, or every other day to observe your skin’s receptivity. You can apply the product directly on your hand and swipe it over your face like a tonic, or use a reusable cotton round. Always use a broad-spectrum sunscreen as part of your daytime skincare routine.  

“My biggest tip that I love to give people, for all skin types, is just be intuitive with the skin because skincare is not a one size fits all,” Giammalva says. “It’s important to pay attention to how your skin is reacting to each of these products.” 

Step 3: Moisturize 

What’s a solid skincare routine without moisturizer? The Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream is ideal for restoring hydration into the skin. Formulated with antioxidant-rich superfoods (kale, spinach, and green tea) and hyaluronic acid, the Air-Whip Moisture Cream helps support a healthier moisture barrier. A little goes a long way, so you can apply a small amount of the cream (think the size of a dime) and massage it into the skin until it’s fully absorbed. 

“The sooner you start even with a pH-balanced cleanser, gentle exfoliant, and a hydrating moisturizer, like the Superfood Cleanser, Unity Exfoliant, and the Air-Whip Cream, it’s going to help bring your skin to a more balanced state and look and feel healthy,” Giammalva says.

Written by Jasely Molina for Youth To The People

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