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Perspective, Community, and Renga

What colors your view of the world?

Renga is a Japanese form of collaborative poetry, and what better way to get multiple perspectives into one piece than with a collab? Our community worked together on this to make something special by leaving comments with their contributions on Instagram. We edited those lines together into one cohesive poem. 

We asked: what colors your view of the world? Here’s your reply.


Meet me at the window. Do you see

small buds leading us into summer?

Life used to be stunning, still is...

Look closer.

Our inner voices tint the lenses we wear.

Words, vibrantly oozing 

from the mouths of our beloveds,

blanket us with dyed cloth.


I am the home of my masterpiece.

My skies are sunny and blue and at 5 p.m. 

the sun melts into my walls,

the scent of jasmine trailing in its light.

Carry your house with you,

and remember what’s to come:

a stranger’s advice overheard across the room;

the hues of our mother glowing around us 

in unfamiliar light.

Carry with you that feeling in your stomach 

when you looked up at the stars and saw 

a lot more than you thought you would.


Contributors: @briyonce0, @jalynplz, @existingelectra, @raul310_, @slurpeeprincex,, @renderingrococo, + @juicyriedel

Edited by Alyssa Shapiro and Manna Zel

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