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Pride To The People! Featuring Indigo Skye

22 Jun 2022

“Things WILL get better.”

This Pride, we’re not focused on products; we’re all people, and we have donated $100,000 across GLSEN and the National Center for Transgender Equality. People are important to us, especially our team, and we’re proud to share the experiences of four team members who volunteered to tell their stories. Next up is Indigo Skye, a customer experience coordinator at YTTP.  

To introduce themselves, Indigo wrote a letter to you:

Dear Valued Reader,

Hey there, it’s Indigo (they/them). As a team, Youth To The People collectively decided that the best way to show up this year is to be honest and show ourselves. That inspired me to show the community who I am and how I live my pride. 

When I was asked to participate in this campaign I did not hesitate. I identify as non-binary, and to share that with you all brings me tremendous joy. I am happy I can be an example, to show someone that things will be okay, and no matter what you feel on the inside or if you’re scared to let people in to help you, things will get better. You just have to find your community and your support and create your safe space. 

With love and with pride,

Indigo Skye (they/them)

Watch Indie’s story here:

@youthtothepeople Part 1: Pride To The People 🏳️‍🌈, “It was a little difficult being non-binary and realizing that I was feeling certain ways and not really understanding what that was.” -@Indigo Skye ♬ original sound - Youth To The People
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