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[PODCAST] Save Yourself, Save the Planet ft. Leah Penniman, Co-Founder of Soul Fire Farm

14 Jul 2021

Are you ready to go deep today? Maybe a little spiritual? Today, we’re pulling inspiration from the concept of deep ecology—an approach that involves reconfiguring our systems in order to preserve ecological and cultural diversity. 

As Austrian-American physicist Fritjof Capra wrote, “Deep ecology does not separate humans—or anything else—from the natural environment. It does not see the world not as a collection of isolated objects but as a network of phenomena that are fundamentally interconnected and interdependent. Deep ecology recognizes the intrinsic value of all human beings and views humans as just one particular strand in the web of life.”

Deep ecology is inherently spiritual. A physical and energetic connection exists between ourselves and the planet, and our wellbeing and the earth’s wellbeing are inextricably tied. Then there’s spiritual ecology, an exploration of the spiritual dimension of our present ecological crisis—that the earth’s crises reflect our inner. And that—and the mutual healing of both the land and the communities who live there—is what we’ll talk about today with our guest, Leah Penniman, co-founder of Soul Fire Farm.

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Hosted by Alyssa Shapiro

Edited by Manna Zel

Produced by Alyssa Shapiro + Manna Zel

Theme music by YTTP co-founder Greg Gonzalez and Hannah Fernando

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