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[PODCAST] How to Achieve Your Skin Goals

28 Apr 2021

All skin is normal. And no matter your skin type, achieving your skin goals can be a delicate balance. Whether your skin is experiencing dehydration, dullness, or the changing atmosphere, it can be helpful to think of skincare regimens like recipes—with each ingredient chosen carefully to contribute to your desired skin goals. In conversation with host Alyssa Shapiro, Youth To The People’s Director of Education Laura Cline talks all things skincare—why we believe all skin is normal, what every skin type needs for healthy skin, and her favorite powerful, results-oriented routines.

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Hosted by Alyssa Shapiro

Edited by Manna Zel

Produced by Manna Zel + Alyssa Shapiro

Theme music by YTTP co-founder Greg Gonzalez + Hannah Fernando


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