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Introducing Youth To The People’s New Superfood + Niacinamide Body Cleanser

Today, in beauty news: Youth To The People’s new hotly anticipated Superfood + Niacinamide Body Cleanser is officially here, packed with skin-loving ingredients and an irresistible scent that transforms showertime into a spa-like experience. Taking inspiration from YTTP’s best-selling Superfood Facial Cleanser, it features some of the same powerhouse ingredients you already know and love to leave skin feeling soft, fresh, and hydrated—never squeaky-clean or stripped.

And just in time for a long winter, no less.

“The Superfood + Niacinamide Body Cleanser has this really luxe, rich lather from plant-derived surfactants that leaves skin feeling amazing,” explains Laura Cline, YTTP’s VP of Product Development. “It has this great clarifying after-rinse feel that’s refreshing but not too squeaky clean.”

The luxurious foaming formula is not only non-stripping and gentle on all skin types (including sensitive), but also aids in softening, smoothing, and unclogging pores while cleansing. Additionally, it helps boost radiance and strengthens the skin barrier, which is key to sustaining healthy, happy skin for the long haul.

As if that wasn’t enough, YTTP’s new Body Cleanser also smells sublime. “It has this fresh green, black pepper, cedarwood vibe that’s really unique and refreshing,” says Cline. “It’s similar to face cleanser but a bit more elevated because we added some additional notes to round it out.”

Ready to elevate your shower experience? Shop YTTP’s new Superfood + Niacinamide Body Cleanser here.

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