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How We Source Mica Sustainably—for People + the Planet

26 Apr 2023

When you think of mica, sustainability might not be the first thing that comes to mind. A group of 37 naturally-occurring minerals sourced from sheet silicate, mica’s reputation has been dogged for years by reports of unethical mining and illegal labor practices throughout the world–with much focus rightfully on its ties with child exploitation in high-poverty areas where mica mines are typically located. 

In Madagascar, according to the US Department of Labor, around 10,000 children are employed by the mica industry, and in India it is estimated that those numbers are at least double. Even more troubling statistics can be found at mines in China and Brazil, and yet, it’s not just the effect on people that’s concerning. Mica supplies are finite and non-renewable and its mining practices disrupt ecosystems, often leading to deforestation and water pollution.

In spite of all of this, mica is everywhere–hiding in plain sight in our electronics, in paints, and in our beauty and skincare products. Perhaps this is the first time you’re reading about it, but chances are you’ve used something with mica in it. Lightweight and flexible, it’s employed dependent on its form as a colorant, as a mild abrasive, a thickening and smoothing agent, and as a glow-boosting light reflector in products that bestow an illuminating finish–be that body cream, highlighter, eyeshadow, bronzer, eye serums, etc.

There is good news, though! 

Thanks to science, chemists are now able to create mica synthetically in labs, sidestepping any negative impact that mining of naturally-occurring mica has on humans, animals, and the planet. Anther notable benefit of synthetic mica are rounder, more uniform particle size, which equals a better user experience and more reliable results, especially when it comes to skincare.

You’ll find this innovative , people, planet, and skin-loving synthetic mica you’ll find in Youth To The People’s Peptides + C Energy Eye Concentrate. Sourced according to strict sustainable and ethical specifications, this lab-grown wonder ingredient is responsible for the instant gratification the new hybrid gel-serum brings–blurring imperfections and diffusing light away from dark circles and undereye puffiness for brightening glow , sans anything shady or dubious.

Sometimes you really can have a beautiful cake and eat it too.  

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