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Beautiful People: Leven Kali, Artist, Producer + Songwriter

28 Feb 2023

Beautiful People is a YTTP series highlighting members of our community who exemplify our team’s values and express them through their art, activism, athletics, and most importantly, the way they live.

At its best, music is a great uniter of the people, and Leven Kali, an artist, producer, and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California, gets that.

“I want my music to move the world, and to move people to see it as ‘we’ and ‘us’ and not just ‘me’ and ‘I,’” he says, and his intentionality comes through not only in the music he makes—like in his latest EP, Let It Rain—but also in the way he moves through the world. He’s learning, for instance, the incredible value of listening as a way to connect, and in taking the time he needs to make something lasting. This lesson in particular was reinforced by his experience working with Beyoncé on her Grammy-winning album, Renaissance, an album for which Leven was also nominated.

“What we’re here for as humans is to create meaning,” says Leven, “and that takes time.” Here’s hoping Beautiful People with Leven Kali inspires you to take the time you need, today and always.

Stay tuned for more Beautiful People with Leven Kali.

Directed and photographed by Alex Kim Kenealy
Interviewed, developed, and produced by Alyssa Shapiro
Art Director, Stan WuProduced by YTTP Studios

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