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Earth Month ’24 - #OnePlanetToProtect

11 Apr 2024
This Earth Month, we join our community of dreamers, activists, and advocates using their voices and platforms to ensure our planet remains healthy, habitable, and equitable.

YTTP has and always will be guided by our core brand pillar: We Have One Planet To Protect.

We know there is not a one-size-fits-all answer to sustainability. Our approach remains rooted in curiosity and adaptability – continually seeking out knowledge for long-term solutions that have minimal impact on our planet from our formulations, sourcing, manufacturing, and transportation flows.

We know every little thing we do adds up.

So, from the start, YTTP formulas are always vegan, cruelty-free, and Leaping Bunny-certified, created in California, and housed in refillable or reusable glass, as often as possible.

You may have noticed our latest drop appears smaller to the eye, yet contains the same amount of product. It’s intentionally lighter and made with 37% less glass, compared to our pre-existing 1oz glass bottles.

Or, our new Cleanser refill pouch, which utilizes 96% less packaging materials, compared to two 8oz products.

We’ll continue to take these small steps to have a greater positive impact.

YTTP will continue to invest in our communities most impacted and vulnerable to the effects of climate change in a way that is equitable and innovative, through our Good To The People Funds.

Over the past year, we’ve donated more than $200k to the Coalition for Clean Air, Global Fund for Women, and most recently: Climate Resolve.

Climate Resolve is an LA-based organization #keepingLACool through community-centered resiliency strategies such as minimizing the harmful effects of growing heat waves. Rooted in climate justice, Climate Resolve works to ensure those most disproportionately affected by the effects of climate change receive community support, public funding, and local advocacy.

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